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Russell Moore on virgin Christians demanding the same

Russell Moore (Dean of the School of Theology, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) addresses the common issue of Christians asking dating partners about their sexual past.  He doesn’t have a problem with it, but he make some very insightful points about the usual motivations behind such judgments:

“You are not ‘owed’ a virgin because you are. Your sexual purity wasn’t part of a quid pro quo in which God would guarantee you a sexually unbroken man. Your sexual purity is your obligation as a creature of God. And you have rebelled at other points, and been forgiven. If you believe the gospel, you believe the gospel for everyone, and not just for yourself.”

He closes with one of the best Gospel perspectives on purity of a potential marriage partner:

“Jesus was a virgin. His Bride wasn’t. He loved us anyway.”

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[HT: Tim Challies]