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The Saddest Two Words I’ve Heard in a Long Time

My upstairs neighbor is your typical independent, mid-30’s, never-married/never-dates, professional woman; the stereotypical Ms. No-Thanks-I’ve-Got-It-Handled! A couple years ago she mentioned to me that she would so pregnant and was quite open about the fact that it was a sperm bank baby. When asked, her every reason given centered on her own self-aggrandizement and self-realization; more a child for her home than any desire to provide a home for a child. If I wasn’t already put off by her cool aloofness, I was definitely put off by her joining the ranks of intentional single moms, with all the attitudes and presuppositions that go with the movement.

A couple years ago darling Megan was welcomed into the world, or more accurately, welcomed into her mother’s life-fulfillment experiment. Other than a maternal grandfather, little Megan has known nothing of a father figure and has, of course, largely grown up at some daycare center. Every couple weeks or so I see the two of them and I make efforts to interact with the cute little girl who could grace the cover of any baby magazine.

But two words I heard earlier tonight will forever change my view of the situation upstairs from me.

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Sexting: A front line in male-targeted prosecution

So today we have another story about the “epidemic” of “sexting” (taking sexually oriented pictures and sending them via cell phone text message).  Apparently, sexting is all the rage in today’s schools, right on down to middle school.  From what I’ve read, the new sign of going steady is for the girl to fire up the cell phone cam, snap a nude or semi nude picture, and “sext” it to her new beau. Please note, that in many cases the girl either takes the pictures herself or willfully poses for it and sends the text message.  In other words, as far as the production and distribution of child pornography via “sexting,” the girls are every bit as involved as the boys.

But prosecutors — educated in today’s feminist universities — don’t see it that way, as evidenced by the fact the nearly universally only the boys are charged with the heavy-hitting felonies that can arise from such cases.  Case du jour is the article in today’s Boston Herald where prosecutors are charging six boys in such a case; one for taking the picture, the other five for being involved:

The six boys, ages 12 to 14, will be summoned to Falmouth District Court for a hearing to determine whether they should be charged with possessing, exhibiting or distributing child porn in the form of a text message photo, according to The Cape Cod Times.

Notice that the prosecutor limits the charges to “possessing, exhibiting or distributing” the picture, because if he included the other charge (production of child porn) then he woul have had to charge the girl, too, and we certainly can’t have that now can we?

Columbia University Professor Sari Locker said surveys suggest one in five teens has sent or received nude or semi-nude pictures.

One. In. five. Wow.

“When boys receive a nude picture of a girl, they think the next time they see her they can go further with her in a sexual way than before,” she said. “It becomes an invitation to advance a sexual relationship.”

No kidding? We should not be surprised that young boys think getting to the proverbial third base is a sure-shot when the girl herself makes second base as easy a “sext” message.  Note that the professor here intimates that the boys who receives the sext porn from the girl is somehow assuming something too far simply because he receives sext porn from the girl.

I can hear the feminazi school counselor now, “What? You assumed she was OK with getting sexual just because she stripped in front of the bathroom mirror and sext’d you the nudie shot? Sheesh, where’d you ever get that idea?” No wonder today’s boys are such a sad, brow-beaten lot of sexually confused p-whipped beta males.

But Locker said she believes criminal charges are excessive: “Clearly these boys are not sexual predators or pedophiles.”

Nor, aparently, are the girl willing models in child porn. Oh no. They’re the “victims” of the boys, you see.

This just proves the sexual revolution of a generation ago was all about freedom and zero about responsibility — for women and girls at least.