Welcome to my blog. My name is Eloquorius. Though I live a less anonymous life elsehwere online, this is where I come to post my ruminations on theology, philosophy, culture and whatever else comes to mind. Like millions of writers before me, I use a pseudonym for my writings. Here are some of my reasons for this:

I’m not here for attention. It’s not important to me that everyone (or anyone) know my name.

Corporations increasingly monitor employee behvior even outside of work. The majority of company recruiters now report researching potential candidates online before hiring in order to feret out undesirable persons.

What’s In a Name?

Eloquorium (pronounced “el-o-KWOR-eeum”), is a term of my own creation derived from Latin. Eloquor is Latin meaning “to express,” and the “-ium” suffix usually connotes “a place of” (i.e., to experience, learn, or observe).  For examle, a pictorium to observe pictures, an auditorium is a place for auditory experience, or an aquarium to observe aquatic life. Therefore, my fellow geniuses, eloquorium roughly means “a place to experience or observe personal expression.”