Larry Flynt Gets Spirituality Right

Yes, you read that headline right. Porn king Larry Flynt, interviewed on Shatner’s Raw Nerve, said this about spirituality:

“Spirituality” is, I think, just a resolve for people who don’t want to admit that they have serious questions about religion. So I feel the same way about agnoistics.  Those are just cowards. They’re afraid to admit they’re atheist.

He’s right, at least in that assessment of today’s “spirituality.” Everywhere I turn I see people describe themselves as “spiritual,” yet can articulate almost nothing in terms of beliefs. They’re firmly committed to they-don’t-know-what, but you better not question them on it. But Flynt is right, those claiming themselves as “spiritual” and “agnostic” really are just hiding their doubts and questions behind a vapid but lofty-sounding title for their true spiritual condition.

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