Risk-Taking God vs. The True Risk of Open Theism

“To abandon belief in the omnipotence of God may ‘solve’ the problem of evil, but the cost is enormous: the resulting God is incapable of helping us. He may be able to give us quite a bit of sympathy, and even groan along with us; but He clearly cannot help us — not now, not in the future. There is no point praying to such a God and asking for help. He is already doing the best He can, poor chap, but He has reached the end of His resources.” – Dr. Don Caron, How Long O Lord, p. 31

One thought on “Risk-Taking God vs. The True Risk of Open Theism

  1. Tim

    Not sure the author understands Open Theism. The argument over Open Theism is over God’s omniscience not His omnipotence.

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